At BrainHive we prefer not sing praises on ourselves. Instead, we invite you to have a look at the following feedback reports of a representative sample of customers.

Nagl Papierverarbeitung

Alfons Nagl

„Nagl Papierverarbeitung has specialized in innovative specialty paper products, print services and certain logistics and marketing services. We generate most business with corporate and business customers and had therefore decided to establish an internet shop for private clients with product customization- a highly competitive industry. Mr. Görbert takes care of our Google Adwords campaigns as well as SEO. In addition, he has also created a lot of website content and videos. We are so far very satisfied with the services provided by BrainHive Ethical Marketing and are confident that we will continue to be given a much better value for our money compared to our former marketing partners.“

Alfons Nagl, Nagl Papierverarbeitung e.K., Paper Products and Print Services,

„I had no desire to fuss around with more disinterested, arrogant and overpriced marketing agencies and was full of high hopes when I met Joe at the Eat and Style trade fair in Munich. I sell high-quality, exclusively licensed floating design LED lights made in France in Germany and Austria. I needed support for the creation of website and print marketing texts and for a Google Adwords campaign to get German customers to notice this new lighting solution. Joe invested a lot of time in personal meetings and teleconferences with members of the French parent company and got working. Due to his taking responsibility and his personal maturity, coupled with professionalism and talent he was able to make a real difference and convinced me 100% of the value of BrainHive.“

Smart and Green Light
Bernd Brencher, Smart & Green LED Design Lighting,

Harald Hoch„I learned of BrainHive through Joe’s father, and was skeptical at first, because I really prefer to write my own texts. In my line of work, quality awareness is very important. Joe works very fast and the quality of his texts, both in research and in the accuracy and use of language is extremely high. I am very glad that I can capitalize on such great copywriting any time and would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the good cooperation. Let me make a recommendation to any colleagues in the spiritual industry: BrainHive fulfills their promises and more beyond.“

Harald Wolf, Palmistry and Graphology,

Mark Oswald - Live The Adventure„Joe is a popular speaker at our weekly round table of interpersonal communication, due to his unique way of combining professional content and humor. He helped me in the preparation of texts for my website, through which I offer life coaching and personal development journeys. There is so much you would need to know about copywriting to imitate just half of what Joe does. But because of his sheer talent, I think it is almost impossible to find a copywriter in the whole world who produces advertising texts in both German and English with such speed and precision as Joe. Until I learn otherwise, I will maintain that Joe’s nickname – the “Ronald McDonald ™” of Content – is well deserved and I sincerely hope that this fact will be known soon throughout the world.“

Mark Oswald, Live the Adventure, Life Coaching / Adventure Travel,

Markus Delfs„Joe has created an excellent SEO-optimized text for me in record time and supplied some 20% more text than was previously agreed. That was a bit too much of a good thing, even if the text was very well researched and basically already condensed down to the essentials. I would have done it myself but Joe agreed to re-write the articles for free, so that I could use them well and also employ the excess part on another occasion. That’s what I call true service, the most outstanding feature of BrainHive. I would anytime recommend this provider without hesitation.“

Markus Delfs, 55Grad, Membran-Reifebeutel für Dry Aged Beef,

Jürgen Siebert“I became acquainted with Mr. Görbert at an industry trade show. We stayed in loose contact, Mr. Görbert gained over the course of our communication access to my Adwords and Google Analytics account. He analyzed the account and made a few suggestions to an Adwords campaign we launched for Christmas 2012 then. We were pleased with the campaign, which was executed in a very difficult product and competitive landscape. I would warmly recommend Mr. Görbert and BrainHive Ethical Marketing due to an extraordinarily high level of motivation, transparent mode of operation and good knowledge of digital marketing.

Jürgen Siebert, spirituelle Produkte, 4meandyou-Shop,

Klaus Albrecht„Mr. Görbert was in charge of the financial planning and business plan for the expansion of our firm Höhenbalance. I was very pleased with his performance. Our business model is in fact very complex. However, Mr. Görbert has spared neither time nor effort to produce an excellent 20-page Excel financial plan and thus provided us with an extremely important tool for our meetings with investors and coordination of our marketing. During our cooperation, I have especially noticed the easy accessibility at any time and willingness to explain action details. It is very pleasant for me to know that I can rely on such a dependable expert any time and would definitely recommend BrainHive to anyone seeking stellar consulting craftsmanship.

Klaus Albrecht, Höhenbalance Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH, Höhenluftgeneratoren für Höhentraining,

Hilgardner Lifecoach“Joe got an extremely good grip on the message that I wanted to communicate for our wedding gown business right at the first go. It is just amazing how much intuition he put forth to write an emotionally engaging text, which is just what I wanted for our website. He also gave me a lot of helpful advice on how to grow my business and how to make most of the copy he wrote for me, using his ample knowledge of business models. I would recommend any business owner to give Joe a try and listen very carefully to all he has to say. And, needless to say, any client Joe takes on should expect only the most brilliant copy.”

Tom Hilgardner, Ma Cherie Bridal Wear, (Our Wedding Gown Website is not ready yet!)

Rose“I am a Chicago fashion designer who focuses on swimsuits, dresses, and separates. I have a large social media following, so I don’t really need a lot of advertising. At one point though I needed a flyer for a fashion show to give to potential buyers like for instance these rather fickle boutique owners. I was very glad I had met Joe at an earlier occasion and could at short notice entrust him with this task and I have to say: He did a superb job. Thank you Joe! I am happy to spread the word about your quality work :-)”

Rose Mae Turner, Rosina~Mae,

Matt Jiovanni“I met Joe at a business seminar about marketing techniques from SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). Joe totally owned the speaker and poured out vast amounts of knowledge in front of an astonished audience. Good thing he’s from Germany because otherwise I think the actual speaker would have kicked him out. Needless to say, I afterwards employed his services to create compelling copy for my website, where I sell a novelty cleaning product for professional hair salons with a formula I invented myself. I am a well-known innovator in the professional beauty industry and a couple of years ago even invented one of the first electric hairstyling round brushes. Joe and I, we met several times and he took a lot of time and care to produce exactly the kind of text I needed. I never before dealt with a copywriter who is so focused on client satisfaction and indeed his services are worth every penny. I can only encourage you to try it out and see for yourself.”

Matthew Jiovanni, Modern Life Products LLC,

Anya“To support me in my quest to spread the word on a revolutionary new fitness device I asked Joe to write an editorial article to outline the benefits of my product to the broad general public. He did do an excellent job identifying and verbalizing the core of why people should buy it, even beyond the information extended to him to prepare him for his task. This I have to say is truly skillful salesmanship which exceeded my expectations, considering Joe is such a young guy coming in fact from a finance and accounting/business consulting background. Beyond his sheer talent of writing, his efficiency and speed that stand unmatched by anyone I know, I have to say he is also an amazing person to work with.”

Anya Chistyakova, Breathslim,

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