Social Media Marketing

Social. Viral. Momentum in its Purest Form.
Step Into the Buzz to Get More Sales and SEO.

Trend building depends not only on the trend, but everything else. Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter connect the world. Are you connected with it?Social-small

Not for everyone, but for some companies, the omission of social networks is an example of an abandonment of marketing firepower at its most erroneous degree. Do you have a sympathetic, stylish product with cult potential? Create a Facebook fan page, viral Youtube video and a Twitter feed and off it goes. Fifty thousand people “like” your brand? That’s, well, guess what… not a coincidence. Don’t you also think so?

This is the hour of the credibility booster. Pitching your content online and in print magazines and through using guest blogging, continue to build the buzz and gain authority with your expert knowledge. Use social media together with your email marketing and talk about anything: As of now, a Twitter message can reach a vast network of thousands of established followers and your site will drip in SEO-juices. Ahoy, tsunamis of FREE traffic!

Trade in your brand’s take on Old Media Marketing and AdWords-Money, just buy that champagne. Now you’re playing top league, friend!

Nice girls and sweet animals- magnets of social media public´s attention

Nice girls and sweet animals- magnets of social media public´s attention

Social Media. Dominated:

  • Creating or optimizing your Facebook fan page, Twitter and Youtube accounts
  • Design of a resource-efficient tailor-made social media strategy
  • Creating viral content, text, audio, visual, video, or online seminars together with the customer
  • Integration of social and email marketing
  • Development and qualification of your following
  • Sales funneling concepts: From the Visitor to the follower, from the follower to the prospect, from prospect to customer, from
  • Customer to evangelist (voluntary brand ambassador)
  • Analysis of campaign statistics
  • Ongoing testing and tweaking of your campaign Social media championship coaching, so you can go ahead alone

*=Webinars are live online seminars of quality content that are presented by a seminar leader using either a screen capture or live video system. They are usually 30-45 minutes in duration, then have a tiny pitch, followed by a period of 15-30 minutes for a question and answer session (Q & A session), after concluding everything with a 10- minute or open end sales pitch (depending on the size of the webinar audience).

May we inspire you? We offer a free 30 minute consultation, during which you can check if social media is the right tool for you. Please also take a look at our references regarding social media marketing to convince you that we can provide an ideal solution to meet your needs.

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