Email Marketing

Email Marketing: THE Golden Hotwire.
Our Secret: Likeability and Epic Content.

Baiting and nurturing customers, customer retention, running cross selling and harvesting recommendations. When you can create amazing content in a story format for your pitch, then you have won.Email-Small

Successful email marketing needs three things: A compelling signup bonus, a well-crafted autoresponder sequence in a legal framework and above all, inspiring content for campaign after campaign.

Email marketing campaigns are a tool to become a great name with almost cultic influence. They foster dialogue and in even personal relationships. Email marketing thereby creates brand ambassadors, the most powerful consequence of great dialogue marketing.

We create legends:

  • Creation of a unique and irresistible signup bonus: Whether PDF, audio, or video content / webinar- trust our judgment for maximum signup rates
  • Setting up of an email marketing account (eg. Mailchimp), creating the required signup forms and incorporating them on your website
  • Design of email marketing strategies
  • Creating of content for email marketing
  • Evaluation of campaign statistics
  • Maintenance and ongoing campaign optimization
  • Coaching for email marketing, so you can go ahead alone

May we inspire you? We offer a free 30 minute consultation, during which you can check if email marketing is the right tool for you. Please also take a look at our references regarding email marketing to convince you that we can provide an ideal solution to meet your needs.

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