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Who hits the mark better: Marketeer or photographer? At BrainHive you might say we happened to stumble upon advertising photography by chance- Namely as we urgently needed visual content for search engine optimization and aumenting attractivity of a webshop created by us. We noticed that our video studio can be used for other purposes quite well and that we shoot great pictures with our lighting and our high-resolution digital cameras. A little editing, voilá: Cosmopolitan-style, baby!03-Werbefotografie-Slider

We believe pure technology is only a relatively small component of success in the creation of promotional photos that fulfill their purpose. We create photography that is fresh, sassy and freestyle – and imbued with that spark of intuition in the graphical overhaul. A shot of knowledge regarding the internet-use of images – Ready yer scoop, captain:

  • Ten times cheaper than advertising photos from “specialists” who need to financially offset their last $8,000 US expensive wide-angle lens when comes the day to set prices
  • Professionalism and advertising skills: Our models are people like you and me. Outfits, masks and props we supply made to meaningful measure in the context of the planned shootings
  • Ten years of experience in the field of semi-professional photography and photo editing / graphic design go a long way to achieve amazingly flawless results both indoors and outdoors
  • We know how to ideally use visual content for search engine as well as conversion optimization and can cast the right spotlight on even your most “boring” products and services

We contemplated the following statement carefully for a long, long time… But really? We just cannot fathom a reason why you as a rational entrepreneur should have to cough up big bucks for quality images in today’s time. There are just too many opportunities in Internet marketing in which you can invest your advertising budget more intelligently. Especially since we also produce great aerial photography- or even extract images from corporate videos and give them a flashy graphic effects overlay to deliver you those extra-economical visuals.fotografia-2

Convenient – Efficient – Representative: Advertising photography of BrainHive. Please approach us anytime.

Subsequently, a number of examples from our reference catalog:

HappyHintergrund– One of the best and happiest package online shop

Werbefotografie-Werbefotograf-Werbefotos-1-UHOLD– UHOLD My Tablet, UHOLD My Freedom

DOCU3– Free of Paper