Why BrainHive

Because of specialized know-how, years of experience and more efficient technology, we can offer best quality at attractive rates- and of course German reliability.

Why BrainHive? 5 good reasons:Why BrainHive-1-small

1. We love our business
2. Because we love our business, we do our work better than most other companies
3. Although we do our job better than most other companies, we charge less for the same quality as any comparable competitor
4. Which does not prevent us to give a “totally crazy” * Money Back Guarantee on most of our projects
5. And while we do all of this on the business side, BrainHive is also committed to a strong ethical business policy. For instance free consultations and coachings for young founders or the sharing of unlicensed expertise resources and recommendations with clients, suppliers and partners

* = Cited Helmut Görbert, father and mentor of the founder. Please read more about our guarantee here.

May we inspire you? We offer free and objective consultations, so you can check for yourself if BrainHive can give you the right kind of support for your marketing project.

Please take a look at our portfolio to convince yourself that we offer what you are looking for. In case of doubts and concerns, never hesitate to contact us directly.

Student startups and young entrepreneurs under 27 enjoy a 10 percent discount on all services. Depending on the order frequency and project volume, regular customers also receive discounts of up to 15% of the normal fee in the form of bonus hours. If the client needs a text particularly urgent, he should choose the BrainHive Express Delivery option. The 30% express premium will guarantee an ASAP delivery