The BrainHive Guarantee

BrainHive German Crest Guarantee

A Revolution

in the History of Marketing.Garantia BrainHive-3

At BrainHive Ethical Marketing, we make it our task to pick out clients where we are confident to create twice the value of that what we charge or you get your money back*. You have understood correctly. We are our knowledge the only ones in Germany , who can afford such a strong guarantee.

Uncompromising perfection committed – that is BrainHive North Ethical.

Part of the assessment of success are hard sales figures, but a part is also gut feeling of the client, as far as for instance brand strengthening and other “soft” factors play in. Depending on the type of service, success should be measured for at least a few months. This is the time it takes for instance for SEO measures to show full effect. Insofar the guarantee of success is actually a satisfaction guarantee.
After a maximum of 12 months from completion of the project, the client can decide whether the service was his money’s worth. He then has three months to recover his money. We would like to know the client’s reasons in the more unclear cases of dissatisfaction in the form of a short feedback, but the deposit is repaid immediately and without any horseplay or hoop-jumping.

* = Due to repeated, outnerving cases of guarantee abuse, the money-back guarantee had to unfortunately be limited to 25% (equivalent to the last payment). In special cases, other agreements can be made. Please approach us.

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